Achievement Award

As we transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to adapt, evolve and reinvent. In recognition of the change forced upon the economy by the global uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic, this year's 2021 Fall ESOP Forum theme is Evolution: how ESOPs have evolved and will continue to transform in this new decade and with a new generation at the helm.

We want to hear your story of ESOP evolution.

Achievement Award

Submission Parameters

  • Be either a video or written narrative accompanied by pictures or audio clips
  • Meet the time/length requirement:
    1. Between 1 and 3 minutes for videos
    2. 800–1,500 words for narrative
  • Encompass the theme of evolution

The submission's contents may vary, but it must address the theme. "Evolution" can mean many things: from an ESOP identifying and securing new revenue streams using the strength of employee-owner ingenuity, to employee-owners taking exceptional care of each other and their community while maintaining and growing the business, and everything in between. Your entry may be a view of the resilience of your ownership culture communicated in song, or through a brief personal story of one employee's journey through their ESOP. We're looking for submissions that communicate the ways your company has come together, changed, grown, and evolved along the way in fun, interesting, and creative ways. Don't be afraid to be bold in your directorial or editorial choices!

Award supported by Chartwell.

How to Submit

Please email your submissions with subject line "#ESOPsEvolve-2021 Submission" to [email protected] by September 5.


The winner will be celebrated at our 2021 Fall ESOP Forum and receive two free Forum registrations.

ESOPs Evolve

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