EOT One-Day Workshop Wednesday, September 18

Join us for an intensive one-day workshop to demystify employee ownership trusts (EOTs) and direct employee ownership. This interactive session is ideal for both existing EOT and direct employee ownership companies as well as business owners looking to explore alternative business ownership models that can drive employee engagement and boost company performance. Companies are encouraged to send their executives, HR, and/or finance leaders. Professional advisors interested in the field are also welcome.

Sessions will explore best practices, governance, benefits, employee ownership culture, and field building.

Registration includes access to the opening luncheon and evening cocktail reception on Wednesday. All sessions for this one-day workshop will take place at the JW Marriott. The $350 fee is to attend only the EOT workshop. Anyone interested in also attending the main Fall Forum should register for that as well.

Cost: $350


Session Preview

Direct Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing, and Open-Book Management: The 3-Legged Stool of Shared Success

Discover how to cultivate a dynamic employee ownership culture using open-book management, profit sharing, and direct employee ownership. Learn from the Cargas experience, where these strategies boosted engagement and retention. Explore the Cargas Shared Success programs and their seamless integration with stock purchase opportunities. Gain insights into the benefits of direct employee ownership, supported by real-world examples. Understand the impact on recruiting, performance, and succession planning. By the session's end, visualize how these approaches can transform your organization and determine whether direct employee ownership fits you.