Salt Lake City :: September 17–18, 2019 (preconference on September 16)

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Selecting and Developing Leaders for an ESOP
(Concurrent Sessions 9)

Wednesday, September 18 :: 11:25–12:10
ESOPs require leaders who are open to sharing and employee involvement. How can you best find them from the outside and develop them from the inside?


Mike P. Frommelt

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Keystone Search

Mike is CEO and cofounder of KeyStone Search, a retained executive search firm serving clients throughout the United States. Mike has more than 25 years of executive search experience, leading numerous ESOPs through leadership transitions, including multiple CEO succession projects. Through its experience in working with ESOPs, KeyStone has developed an assessment model specifically for ESOPs, to ensure they are hiring the "right" type of leaders for their futures.
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