Salt Lake City :: September 17–18, 2019 (preconference on September 16)

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What Makes an Effective Board?
(Concurrent Sessions 5)

Tuesday, September 17 :: 2:40–3:25
How does being an ESOP change your strategy about growth, acquisitions, leadership development, and more?


Jack Veale

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Jack has for 30 years started several companies, advising entrepreneurs, business owners, and partners on successful transitions to a new ownership model and/or leadership team ( Jack advises owners and boards on sales and profit growth, succession, or transition plans involving current ownership and emerging leaders. Jack also guides management through sales/profit declines and crisis/turnarounds. Jack assists CEOs, boards, and management on their fiduciary role through assessments, surveys, and online training at, or Jack authored several books relating to preparing for growth or managing through crisis/difficult times.
Fall ESOP Forum