Salt Lake City :: September 17–18, 2019 (preconference on September 16)

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Communicating: Why Ownership Matters Today
(Concurrent Sessions 10)

Wednesday, September 18 :: 1:30–2:15
Too often, companies focus on ESOPs as a long-term benefit, when what people really care about is how an ESOP affects them today. This session explores how to make that meaningful.


Corey Rosen

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National Center for Employee Ownership

Corey Rosen, PhD, is the cofounder and senior staff member of the NCEO. He co-authored, along with John Case and Martin Staubus, Equity: Why Employee Ownership Is Good for Business (Harvard Business School Press, May 2005). Corey has written, edited, or contributed to dozens of books, articles, and research papers on employee ownership. He is generally regarded as the leading expert on employee ownership in the world. Corey worked on Capitol Hill for five years, where he helped initiate and draft legislation on ESOPs and employee ownership.
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