Fall ESOP Forum

September 14–16, 2020

Take the best of the Forum back to your company.


Workshops and mini-workshop sessions are focused on sharpening critical job skills, resulting in the betterment of you as an employee-owner and your ESOP.

Both will leave you with ready-to-use content, templates, community contacts, and information that you and your company can use to grow and improve throughout the following year.


September 14, 2020, 10:10 am–12:30 pm central time

Culture & Communications Crash Course

This informative and interactive workshop reinforces the fundamentals of culture and communication at ESOP companies. Get the best practices you need to set your fellow employee-owners up for success and elevate employee-owner understanding of their ESOP and their business. We'll close out the day with an interactive experience to advance their financial literacy that attendees can take home to their companies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the fundamentals of developing an ownership culture
  • Strengthen your communication strategies to engage employees
  • Improve financial literacy among all employees using the "Profit & Cash" workshop

Presented in partnership with GRITT Business Coaching.


High-Involvement Planning Accelerator

Strategic planning doesn't have to be onerous.

High-Involvement Planning takes strategic planning out of the board room and gives it to the people who must make it happen. A strong 'HIP' planning process consistently involves, informs, and educates your entire organization on the realities of the marketplace and the strategic goals of the company. When people understand, they buy-in, when they buy-in, they commit, and when they commit, they execute!

No matter your current level of strategic planning, the Accelerator will jump-start your planning process and your business for growth.

In this interactive workshop you will get tools and techniques to help you:

  • Get alignment amongst your employee-owners
  • Hone in on your critical numbers, measurements, and action plan
  • Discover the tools to nail your 3-month and 1-year plan
  • Boost your growth and innovation engine

Presented in partnership with the Great Game of Business.

Essentials for a Sustainable ESOP

Research shows that employee-owned companies perform better than their peers both in economic downturns and in expansions. This session digs into the practices and strategies that are behind the employee ownership advantage, including the keys to long-term sustainability and resilience in the face of COVID-related turbulence. From plan design and repurchase obligation and strategy and cash management to leadership development and ownership culture, participants will leave this session with ideas they can take back to their companies and implement them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the interaction of financing, plan design, and repurchase obligation
  • Explore strategies ESOP companies have used to manage cash for the long run
  • Get best practices in corporate governance, executive compensation, and leadership development

Presented in partnership with Greatbanc Trust Company.



For details on each mini-workshop, go to the program page (opens in new browser tab) and find it with the "Search/Filter Program" feature.

  • Accounting and Valuation for ESOP Companies: The Chicken and The Egg
  • Best Practices: Boost Your ESOP Company's Sustainability
  • Culture by Design
  • ESOP Administrative Timeline Workshop
  • Improving the Ownership Mindset Through Business and Financial Literacy
  • Inspiring Accountability in Employee Owners at All Levels
  • Interaction Between the Internal Trustee and the Valuation Firm
  • Tailoring the Message to Employee-Owners

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