Fall ESOP Forum

September 14–16, 2020

Bringing Our Community Together—Virtually.

Your safety and well-being is our highest priority. With no sign of the COVID-19 crisis permitting safe travel this fall, the 2020 Fall ESOP Forum will be a virtual event. Read on to learn more about the virtual experience. Register Now

Information, Ideas, and Advice You Need for Your ESOP.

In a changing economic landscape, the employee ownership community remains strong. We share ownership; we stick together. We look forward to coming together as a community with a renewed sense of purpose and pride.

Get expert advice on the latest in employee ownership legislation, research, and communication and culture.

Join employee-owners and ESOP experts this September for the Fall ESOP Forum, a three-day seminar featuring 40 sessions, networking events, and one-on-one consulting opportunities.

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Fall ESOP Forum

Who Should Attend?

The Fall ESOP Forum brings together the ESOP community to make employee ownership the best it can be.

  • C-suite executives seeking to learn from their peers and enhance their leadership skills
  • Directors who want the knowledge they need to ensure the success of their companies
  • Communication committee members who want to refresh their engagement strategies
  • Human resources staff and administrators who want the best for their owners
  • Any employee-owner that seeks to get the most out of their ESOP

Diverse Topics

Explore everything from planning for the repurchase obligation to establishing an ESOP committee. All sessions, whether introductory or expert-level, dig into the real-world issues that all ESOPs encounter.


Curriculum Guidance

Are you a CFO with questions about sustainability, or an ESOP communication committee member in search of new ideas? There is a track for you. Can't choose? Jump around to design the curriculum that best suits your needs.


Ready-to-Use Content

Take the best of the Forum back to your company. The Forum is designed to leave you with enough material, community contacts, and information that you and your company can use to grow and improve throughout the following year.

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