Fall ESOP Forum

Salt Lake City :: September 17–18, 2019 (preconference on September 16)

Find the information, ideas, and advice you need to make better ESOP decisions. Join us in Salt Lake City.

Both experienced attendees and newcomers will leave the Fall ESOP Forum better informed and better prepared to evaluate and implement the next steps for their companies. With 48 sessions in 12 timeslots, attendees can get a well-rounded introduction to all aspects of ESOPs, or they can dig deep on specific issues, from governance to sustainability to communications. The Forum blends the choice and flexibility of a conference with the give-and-take dialog of a working seminar.

Fall ESOP Forum

Everything About ESOPs

The program covers a broad range of topics, from repurchase obligations to communication programs, and from best practices in corporate governance to the ESOP administrative calendar. Some sessions are beginner-level, and some are advanced, digging deeper into issues such as recruiting board members, making acquisitions, the have/have-not problem, working with the DOL, and executive compensation. Other sessions focus on the "human-side" issues of leadership development, engaging the enthusiasm and innovative potential of the work force, and effective communication.

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Learn from the Experts

The Fall ESOP Forum features speakers selected for their expertise and effectiveness in communication, and includes presentations by experts in plan administration, valuation, legal and fiduciary issues, transactions, strategy, compensation, and more. The faculty also includes representatives from ESOP companies, who will share their real-world lessons in how to make employee ownership all it can be. The expert presenters at the Fall ESOP Forum have high speaker ratings from other NCEO events, and they are committed to teaching, not delivering a sales pitch.

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Interact with Experts & Peers

The structure of the Fall ESOP Forum is designed from the ground up to make it easy to talk with presenters. One-on-one sessions let you ask presenters specific questions about your company's situation, and our roundtable sessions are designed to let you speak with the individual presenters with the expertise you need. You'll have a chance to hear questions from other participants and to learn from them about their ESOP journeys. You also can register for an optional preconference session about sustaining an ESOP for the long term or ESOP communications.

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Designed for Experienced Attendees…and Newcomers

The Fall ESOP Forum is the combination of three meetings—the ESOP Symposium, the S Corporation ESOP seminar, and the Get The Most Out of Your ESOP meeting. With four sessions in each time slot, you choose the content that is most relevant for you, and an optional preconference session on September 16 addresses how to remain ESOP-owned for the long term. Beginners can use the Forum as a “crash course” introduction to the full range of ESOP issues. People with ESOP experience can skip the basics by choosing advanced sessions. In either case, you will leave Salt Lake City ready to make the best possible ESOP choices for your company.


Who Should Attend?

The program is designed to accommodate a range of people, but some typical attendees are:

  • Experienced CEOs, CFOs, and other decision-makers at mature ESOP companies
  • Recently appointed or promoted directors and executives
  • Members of communication committees
  • Company advisors seeking to better understand ESOPs
  • Inside trustees

If you are considering an ESOP for your company, you'll find sessions on feasibility, plan design, and alternatives to ESOPs, as well as learn what life is like as an ESOP company.

Salt Lake City: Another Reason to Attend

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